We started off with a humble little shop in Taiwan (Tainan province) in September 2006 and within 4 years, we have a whopping number of 100 shops all around Taiwan and became the biggest brand in Taiwan. In Dec 2009, we started our first shop in Australia (Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown in Brisbane) and planning to set foot on more shops all around Australia.

F10 Quickcut is a new concept of hairdressing, focusing on haircut alone and doing it well. Providing professional, hygienic, entertaining and economical style cut for everyone without the need of making any appointment.

"Style Cut for $10"

- Professional: All our stylist have undergo special QUICKCUT training for 144hrs other than the basic hairdressing certificate they have.

- Hygienic: All the haircutting tools are sterilized using the UV sterilizer. Neck towel are thrown after every single use. Hairstylist sterilize their hand using disinfectant after every cut.

- Entertaining: LCD TVs playing animated films are installed in every booth to entertain customers during haircut. This attracts a lot of young customer's attention.


We are team of hairstyling experts committed to provide no-frills professional haircut at an attractive price of $10... more about us



"I am amazed that, at $10, I was able to get a fashionable hairstyle. Definitely coming back again!" - Michael Sim